Lisa-Marie Carter

Love My Custom was founded at the end of 2010 by British Designer Lisa-Marie Carter. The brand then later went on to release its first collection in the summer of 2011.


As a former stylist, dancer and choreographer, Lisa-Marie has always paid attention to fashion, the detail of movement as an art and way of expression, and the creativity of it all. Having always had a love for accessorising and wearing statement pieces, with heavy influences from her mother who she grew up watching her wear unusual jewellery designs from the likes of designers such as Mary Quant which she admired for the bold and original appeal of her pieces. This paired with her frustration of struggling to find jewellery to satisfy her tastes and style, created a fusion which influenced and inspired her to birth her own jewellery brand.


Lisa-Marie Carter has often been referred to by her initial’s LMC, which she decided to incorporate into the brand name, as a reflection of herself, what she loves, combined with her history of customising clothes and shoes. Lisa-Marie loves having and giving others the opportunity to wear something personal to them, which is why Love My Custom offers a custom design service on many of its products, and a bespoke design service allowing you to create something completely original.


The Love My Custom girl is daring, unique, stylish and isn’t afraid to do things differently.

Jewellery that you dreamt of but could never find, jewellery so statement and bold it blows your mind, jewellery that tells a story and speaks for itself, jewellery that can be made especially for you as a one-off piece because who wants to look the same as everyone else?!?! Jewellery that looks good enough to eat, jewellery for those who standout and strive to be unique. Welcome to Love My Custom, we have what you need; jewellery, rings and fancy things… get lost in the beauty of it all! -          Lisa-Marie Carter